To AHS and Covenant health.

        You have chosen not to listen to the needs of the community you serve.

You have hand picked chosen individuals to be on your invited committees to provide you with the answers that you want.

Your meeting “Lets Talk” was the community listening to you not you having a dialogue with the community. The community are educated not emotional and deserved to be heard.

You  don’t care that you are trying to close down the hospital with the best outcomes and force women to go to the hospital with worse outcomes.

You don’t care that we have over 1,200 signatures on our petition.

You don’t care that your decision will affect families that have the fewest resources  and who will be frightened  and stressed about their difficult journey to a different community.

You don’t care that labouring mothers will present to the hospital and be cared for by medical personnel with minimal skills.

You don’t care about the devastating effects that this will have on the community . We will loose our community hospital.

You don’t care about our local  doctors and nurses with skills that will be forced to move elsewhere as well as preventing others from relocating.

What do you care about?

You do care about procedures that make money for the hospital and require minimal medical expertise from nursing staff and the community does not need.

You  say that you do care about patient safety but maternity care has been shown to be safe.

Do you care about Patient safety? I don’t think so.

If you really cared about safety, you would work with us to keep our staff up to date not moving Maternity  to Canmore.

Mineral springs Hospital administration needs to allow those involved  or who care about maternity to speak out.

They have made it a very threatening and hostile environment with staff

Why is it that we have not heard from those directly involved in providing such an amazing experience to expectant mothers?

Speak out before it is too late.


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