Personal experience of having a doctor out of town!!

Hi All,

Thank you for taking time and reading this blog…i would like to share my personal experience in course of finding a doctor in Banff, AB which is my home since 1 1/2 yr and why am requesting you to support the cause of saving our maternity ward at the banff mineral springs hospital.

As a new settler i was constantly in search for a family doctor which turned out to be long waiting!!!! When i came to know that am pregnant for second time my concern was where do i go now to have my own any sensible migrant i went to the hospital and inquired at the counter about available doctors and how the system works..they recommended a clinic @ canmore as no obstetrician available in Banff at all!!!! i was kinda shocked to know that not even one doctor!!! I tried to get the info on Alberta health services site and couldn’t find anybody at that time.

I have to tell you guys it is not a easy thing to travel for every appointment to Canmore and in my case i do not have a driver’s licence so i have to relay on my husband who just started his business which in return turn out to be a very difficult task when i had appointment he couldn’t take me or the clinic couldn’t give me another appointment every time and trust me it is frustrating when you had complications during your first pregnancy and another annoying thing is the doctors at that clinic recommends only locals for your medical related issues such as diabetic specialist etc so it is like you have to shift to Canmore!!!!!

Out of pure frustration after knowing that i do not have an option but to deliver the baby at canmore or calgary not banff ( I wonder why the doctor said i cannot opt Banff instead!!!) I just walked in to Alpine medical clinic and spoke to the receptionist about my concealed appointment with my doctor and how i need a doctor to check my baby for once then came the shocking news to me the receptionist said do not worry we have a obstetrician on board!!!

The first thing i asked Dr. Fowke  why she is not in  the system which obviously shocked her and she checked herself and took the matter in her own hands and i was blessed ,moved my file from canmore to my town. Guys you  do not know how i felt  at that point.  Some of you might feel what a big deal. But it is a very big deal when you are new to the place and when you do not know any one.It is not practical at all to travel all the way to another town especially when you have  already experienced how complications may occur unpredictably.

I humbly request all to think from a patient side of  view and please circulate the same.

I am sure there will be some strategy where it can  be worked out without shutting it down completely.

Happy Holidays,



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